Using the example of the Falling Water Spa. The name will awake memories of daring walls and terraces hovering weightlessly over a tumbling cascade. And quite right so, it did lend its name to the spa creation by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects.


Large wood beams support the pool above, the walls are slaps of stone as are the floors – the floors being large tiles hovering above the river. A large door opens in the hull side giving access to the ocean to swim or lounge in the sun. Next to the platform are hot and cold tubs so one may swim in the sea and then go for a hot and/or cold dip before moving on to the other treatments in the spa.


The spa is located below the main deck swimming pool – so water shimmers through the glass bottom of the pool into the spa space. Waterfalls appear to come out of the pool above and flow down into a river and over infinite edge pools to the sea – however these are on a recirculating system within the spa.

The waterfalls create privacy for the Horizontal shower, Rainmoon, change area and massage room without physical barriers – light is allowed to pass and the laminar flow of the waterfalls creates an ambience of calmness – carrying tension down the river if you will.


This entire Spa actually floats, on a dream yacht still to come into being. In addition, we can design and implement individual yacht spas in cooperation with our partners like Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects according to your wishes.

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